Our Little Camper... Help us decide.

This is our little Sunline Camper.  Originally designed to "sleep 5"... maybe with 2 on the floor and one standing up in the bathroom.  She is 12 1/2 feet in length, including the tongue.  This is her photo album... many from the day I found her.  We purchased our little trailer in Bristol, Wisconsin (from a gent who was featured on American Pickers, season one episode 12)  We are trying to decide a theme.  I have had the cream, green and cherry red on my mind for a while now...
 Photos from http://www.snailtrail.co.uk/
Now I am loving brighter colors, yellows, blues, oranges, thinking a "campy" theme, incorporating woolen blankets,  pillows with pennants.  We have even thought about painting the outside of the camper plaid.   It is just a thought.  I have seen polka-dots, stripes and more.  I have NEVER seen a plaid paint theme.   Whatever it will be... I hope it will be something that turns heads and leaves people with a smile on their face.  Afterall, we want to use it to set up at some  future vintage shows. We  can't wait to get started.  We just need cooler days and a weekend where I can pull Tony from his favorite place to hang out and "camp out" in our own back yard.
So much to consider.  Tony has worked to be sure there are no more leaks, We are debating the flooring color, what to do with the walls,  windows, outside trim, paint, to pinstripe or not to pinstripe?  So many wonderful ideas!

We'll keep you updated!


  1. I adore your vintage trailer!! It was so fun to meet a fellow blogger at 3 French Hens!

    1. So great to meet you! your creativity was amazing! loved your space!
      that vignette by the canal was darling. I hope it all sold!

  2. Love the cream, green and cherry red! They would make an awesome plaid design.

  3. It's absolutely adorable! I like the idea of plaid - that could be really fun. Whatever you decide, it sounds like this trailer is lucky to be in the great hands of someone who will appreciate it in its vintage glory :)

  4. I think plaid would be fun and might suit the more boxy style of the trailer. kind of like a little lunchbox on wheels!

  5. We have this exact camper. We love it!


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