Chase the Moon Midnight Bike Ride 2012

 The "Chase the Moon Midnight Bike Ride" went past our front door tonight.  I could not help but stay up to see the hundreds of riders go by, lighting up the night!  It was so wonderful to see all of the participants.  One had a stereo strapped to his back, playing tunes along the way.  They will ride the ride through the lab, and then return at their own pace for a breakfast at the Commons.  I only wish I had read about it sooner.  I would have participated, on my little vintage Sears bike, with a woven basket.
 "This will be the LAST Chase the Moon Midnight Bike Ride, so don't miss it! says the website.
(Due to changing regulations we will no longer be able to  access Fermilab for the ride after this year)."States the Conservation foundations website.
 Taking place July 29th at 12:01 Am
 " Nocturnal riders will start at the Warrenville Commons Shopping Center in Warrenville and have the opportunity to travel the typically limited-access roads at Fermilab under a star-filled sky, and enjoy a healthy breakfast at the end of the ride. Dedicated bicycle enthusiasts will be able to ride a 20 mile route, while more recreational participants can shorten the route to as little as two miles if desired. Chase the Moon is presented by and all proceeds benefit The Conservation Foundation. " 

"The Warrenville Commons is located on the NE corner of Route 59 & Batavia Roads in Warrenville. The Conservation Foundation is a nonprofit land and watershed protection organization that was established in 1972 by business and community leaders and is dedicated to preserving open space and natural lands, protecting rivers and watersheds, and promoting stewardship of the environment in northeast Illinois. Working closely with citizens, elected officials, developers, land use planners, park districts and forest preserves, The Conservation Foundation and its more than 5,000 members and donors have contributed to the protection of more than 30,000 acres of open space in northeastern Illinois."

If you wish to contribute or read more about the Conservation foundation  Click here .
This wonderful event was enjoyed by all!

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  1. I was one of the lucky participants in Saturday's bike ride. Its really a bummer that it is not going to happen anymore-we participated 4 times-each time was really great!


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