OOAK Handpainted IPhone Cover

I had an idea, as you might know by now... I am an idea person.

I had been looking at wooden phone covers on Etsy for months now 
( like this one from EXOvault )
 After spending a fortune at the Apple Store for my phone,  
I decided I would have to wait for my coveted wooden cover...
While browsing the internet, I found a clear cover for only $3.99 with free shipping.

Tossing thoughts of the wooden cover aside for now...
   I decided to create an original watercolor,
Trim it to fit under the plastic cover and Enjoy!
top left: I phone in clear plastic cover. top center: blank tag, top right: Small watercolor set
center left:  black Micron 20 pen. center:  small illustration complete.  center right:  cut the tag to fit the plastic for the back of the phone
bottom left:  complete illustration of the Lincoln Park Lagoon and the Hancock building in Chicago.  bottom center: side view.

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