Warehouse Chic Style

My latest find!

Last week I traveled to Nada Farms Spring Boho Event!
It was a lovely evening!
My friend Mary Ellen and I began our trek heading through Dekalb, IL

While there, we found a darling little shop that was downsizing and moving across the street. Megan Morrison's was full of cute, fun, bright New and vintage items. There were some wonderful tables for sale. My eyes cast to a 9 ft vintage folding table in a chippy yellow patina. I had the sales gal pull the tag for my final purchase. Just as I began to pay, my eyes cast to an incredible industrial table.
6x6 inch posts, glass, bolts, wheels... LOVE !

i quickly switched my purchase to this one, thinking my husband and Son would need to help me pick it up in a day or two.

We took the trek on Sunday morning and picked it up, hoisting it out the front door and rolling it proudly down the street in Dekalb, home of Northern Illinois University.

Once home, we took it out of the truck and I had all intentions of putting it in my studio. I remembered a vintage set of folding chairs I had purchased years before. Wonderful, wood and comfy. I pulled one up and voila! I thought... Dining room table!

Our current table was round, I had thought of painting it white for many years... never did. It ended up being a pass through room and a catch all for all of my Etsy orders.

NOW it is a proud new dining room table, 2 weekends ago, I happened upon the vintage trough which I pulled from my supply room and added as an easy arrangement to the top of my "new" table.

What once was an industrial roll around cart... is repurposed!

Warehouse chic style at its best!

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