fall at St. James Farm in Warrenville, IL

Fall... ( taken from last years Aunt Martha's attic blog.. which I will be closing!)

It has been several months since my last entry. Things have been busy this Fall. Aside from celebrating a milestone anniversary... I have continued painting, working at Jb Winterberry, Collecting, and enjoying the beautiful colors of Fall.
My husband and I visited St. James Farm this weekend so that I had a chance to " paint out" while he read a book in the shade. What a glorious day it was. The Scents of Fall were in the air, but the temperature was in the 80's. Colors ranging from golden to brilliant reds and yellows. I can't think of a better way to spend a Fall afternoon ( aside from a great football game or the Cubs in the World Series...we'll not hold our breath for that one). If you have the chance... step outside and enjoy a little Fall for yourself!

( the painting on the left, mine, the painting on the right...GOD!)

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