More new Shops to love!!!

Hello again! our team is growing and growing!
Just had to feature some more of the shops that are joining the team!

QuinsippiMercantile.etsy.com John from Quincy Illinois brings us wonderful ephemera. It is so fun to see the old ads! He also features Glassware, China and more! I am hopeful that you will click on his shop and welcome him to the group!

pennylanevintage.etsy.com Lyndsey joined Etsy in the last part of '09. She has not had any sales and her photos are fantastic! I hope you will give her some love and include her in your treasury's! Lindsey... we are glad you are here!

vintageNsome.etsy.com is brought to us proudly by Omoy from Atlanta! We are glad to have her join the group and bring us some fun 80's fashions! just how fun is this blazer! I hope you will click on her shop and find the Havana dress! LOVE that!

annielakevintage.etsy.com Victoria, we are glad you have joined us from Ft. Collins Colorado! So many fun fashions and just check out all of these velour pants!

Mariana at SexyStitches.etsy.com brings sweet nightie and Vintage undergarments to the team! We are glad to have you with us! Can you believe our moms used to wear these pieces on a daily basis... Some may still! ( too fun to see)

Teri at myZembla.etsy.com is new to the group ! I hope you will stop by the shop and browse amongst the wonderful fashions and accessories!

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