Homage to Thanksgiving

After thinking of the cliche Thanksgiving, these things came to mind... Turkey, football, family, nesting,leaves, warmth, food!
I put them all into the mix and came up with a different twist !
I hope you enjoy my choices, from top to bottom left to right.
1. gingham mini baker $18.00 from Justmare.etsy.com
2. the measure of Autumn photo $12.00 from knitalatte.etsy.com
3. fingerless gloves $27.00 from Branda.etsy.com
4. Leather wallet in red $59.00 from Valhallabrooklyn.etsy.com
5. Flower serving bowl $47.00 from Oneclaybead.etsy.com
6. Enchanted Alpine needlepoint cottage $38.00 from 5gardenias.etsy.com
7. Nesting journal $12.00 from Bluetoad.etsy.com
8. Hip to be square cutting board $ 40.00 from Granddar.etsy.com
9. 1950's Bamboo decor plastic glasses $25.00 from allunique.etsy.com
10.Rockin ruby and Red ChaCha bracelet $230.00 ablastfromthepast.etsy.com
11. Wooly Acorns $ 12.00 from littleseedlings.etsy.com
12. Imperial Brazil boots $75.00 from VeraVague.etsy.com
13.Olive green and rusty brown set of flowers $6.00 by milkysupplies.etsy.com
14.Colonial house barkcloth pillow $56.00 from squirrelonaledgetop.etsy.com
15.Gold'N peaches lotus necklace $40.00 from Begurple.etsy.com
16.What's your word wristlet $14.00 from zjayne.etsy.com
All of these wonderful sellers have items that would be great for gift giving ... as my listing says
Ov'r the River...through the woods to G'mas house with a twist! Items that will inspire through Thanksgiving and beyond!
I hope you are inspired too.
I will be featuring individual shops from time to time and groupings like this...whenever I am able to put up a treasury!
ps... my last treasury went to the fp...it was all about Noir...if you don't know what that means... you may have to google it!
Thanks bunches for stopping by and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Leave me a comment as to what shop was your favorite this week! I will post the results next time!
thanks again


  1. We are so happy to participate in such wonderful treasury between a lot of beauties! Thank you very much dear Martha!

    Mariana and Paula

  2. Thanks for choosing my Flower Bowl! I enjoyed every one of your selections and especially Branda's fingerless gloves.
    Lee (OneClayBead on Etsy)

  3. martha-- thanks for posting your lovely and colorful collection here on your lovely and colorful blog!-- and for linking to my shop!

    your shop looks terrific by the way!!


    kathi ( 5gardenias)

  4. definitely a beautiful treasury and nice music by the way
    I think my favorite shop this week was lou lou and oscar

  5. Miss Martha. You rock! Thanks for including me on your blog & for always supporting my art. XOXO lisa


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