Moab Utah and the Green River!

Today I head out on a trip I have waited years to take. 
 Friends, Rich and Jacquie, of Small Potatoes fame,
 and I ... and 17 others will be heading to Moab Utah 
for a canoe trip on the Green River. 
 I can't tell you how excited and just a bit nervous I am.  
  While I am having the time of my life, my husband is staying behind with the kids.  The nervous part is...I will have no way of contacting the family after Wednesday and I hope he is not at his wits end by Sunday, when we can be in touch again.
  I am so used to the calls from my daughter for "5 dollars" here and "can I go there" " i need gas" " i'm Bored" or hungry...Which I NEVER mind getting...
  Tony is a terrific texter and keeper in touch 
with the kids...but I am the smoother over one. 
 And, from time to time, it can seem like the verge of WWIII.
  I am praying that all is peaceful on the home front!
My trip will be with 
and will be a slow, Hot , trip down the green river.  
I am so looking forward to capture photos for my paintings, to make a catalogue of scenes.  I am looking forward to camping and time around the campfire.  The trip is unique in that, the focus is on the music in the evenings.  It will be wonderfully fun and a great time to share with my good friends.
       I will share a story or 2 upon my return.

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